Real Estate Purchase & Sales

New Bedford Purchase and Sales Agreement Lawyer
Attorney Handling the Complex Details of Real Estate Transactions

In a real estate transaction, everything is negotiable. From the price, the closing date and the interest rate to the home inspection details and title issues, there are countless terms to be negotiated. Further, the laws and procedures regulating real estate purchase and sales agreements increase their complexity. Since real estate transactions represent the most substantial purchases for many individuals and businesses, it makes sense to invest in quality legal representation in the beginning to make sure all the details come together as smoothly as possible.

“You can try to do it yourself and hope everything works out right, or you can hire me to make sure everything works out right.” | Attorney Christopher T. Saunders

As a New Bedford real estate attorney for Saunders & Saunders, LLP, I negotiate terms and solutions in purchase and sales agreements for my Massachusetts clients in all aspects of real estate transactions, including:

  • Price and deposit details
  • Closing dates
  • Mortgage contingencies
  • Home inspection contingencies
  • Title issues

Although many individuals and businesses try to handle their real estate matters on their own, there is too much at stake. If an unforeseen problem arises after the transaction, it is usually far more expensive than solving the problems on the front end. Working with an experienced real estate lawyer during the initial negotiations helps clients avoid expensive issues that emerge after the transaction is complete.

I work with individuals in residential real estate transactions, and I also assist in drafting leases, obtaining municipal permits, zoning and land use issues, and other matters for business entities with all of the real estate needs.

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