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Child Custody Arrangements
Child custody is often one of the most highly contested aspects of divorce proceedings. Even when relationships between husbands and wives deteriorate, both parties usually want to maintain as much contact with their children as possible. I am Sandra G. Saunders, New Bedford child custody attorney from Saunders & Saunders, LLP, in Massachusetts. I understand how important child custody arrangements are to my clients and to their children. Through mediation and litigation, I help my clients obtain outcomes that will be favorable to them and in the best interests of their children for many years to come.

Mediated Parenting Plans

Although the traditional approach to resolving child custody disputes — as with most divorce-related issues — has been litigation, the fact is, there are very few situations in which litigation is truly the best approach. With the expense, time delays and acrimonious nature of litigation, it is often to my clients’ advantage to deal with child custody issues in the context of mediation instead of litigation.

Child Custody

Rather than disputing who should have primary custody and when, as in traditional litigation, mediation gives the parties the opportunity to create a parenting plan that works for the children and the parties. This is a more collaborative endeavor in which the couples themselves determine the final working arrangements of caring for the children.
Mediation allows the parties to have a great deal more control over the process and the outcome in child custody disputes. They work together to create a plan that will work for everyone involved, while minimizing cost, time and the stress that comes with litigating the issue. I have a wealth of experience representing divorcing couples as a neutral mediation facilitator and representing individual parties in the mediation process.

Litigated Child Custody Solutions

Although mediation is the preferred process for resolving child custody matters, it may not be an option in some cases. Either one of the parties is not amenable to the process, there is too much negative history for the couple to work well together in mediation, or the parties simply cannot reach agreement on some of the child custody issues.
When mediation is not an option, I am an experienced and zealous litigation attorney who advocates for my clients’ interests. As a former prosecuting attorney, I am not afraid of the courtroom, and I know how to protect my clients’ rights.
I do whatever it takes in each case. I am highly experienced and effective in the mediation process, and I am also a trained litigator when that is what the situation calls for.

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