Real Estate Closings

New Bedford Real Estate Closing Lawyer

Handling Residential and Commercial Closings in the South Coast

Purchasing a house or other real estate is exciting, and often, it is often the largest investment people ever make. With so much at stake, it is critical to have an experienced lawyer looking after your interests before you sign.

I am attorney Christopher Saunders. I represent buyers, sellers and lenders during real estate transactions throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. Working with all of these parties adds to the perspective I bring to my clients, and I ensure that my clients understand the terms of the contract before they sign.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, I will assist you in negotiating a purchase and sales agreement that meets your needs. I also ensure that you understand your obligations under the contract and that you complete them within a reasonable time frame. Many people enter into a purchase and sales agreement before consulting with an experienced real estate attorney and they find out too late that they have made a bad deal or failed to adhere to important clauses contained within the purchase agreement. Don’t fall into this trap. Consult with Christopher T. Saunders before you sign a purchase and sales agreement.

Buying Foreclosed Properties

If a lender is involved in a real estate closing, most lenders require an inspection of the property, a title search and title insurance to secure their interests. However, in today’s housing market, many buyers are purchasing foreclosed properties with cash. I can help businesses and individuals secure their interests when purchasing foreclosed residential and commercial properties.

Contact a Fall River Title Search Attorney

Before you close on real estate or even sign a purchase and sales agreement, it is important to ensure that the property itself suits your needs. I will research zoning and land use restrictions that could prevent you from using the property for your intended purpose. To learn more about how a real estate attorney can help you, contact Saunders & Saunders, LLP, to schedule a consultation with an experienced New Bedford real estate closing attorney.

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