Land Use and Zoning


New Bedford Land Use and Zoning Lawyer

Proactive Representation for Real Estate Purchases in Massachusetts
With the expense and potential risk involved, it is essential for businesses and individuals to be proactive when it comes to purchasing real estate. Without proper investigation into the legally appropriate land uses, and timely and accurate filing of necessary paperwork with the city, huge investment capital can be lost.

“I have had clients come to me after they purchased land. They wanted to save a little money, so they handled their real estate purchase on their own, only to find out later — after it was too late — that they were prohibited from using the land for their intended purposes because of the zoning laws. It turned out to be much more costly to undo the damage than it would have been to hire a lawyer to prevent this problem in the first place.

Land Use

The concept of land use and zoning is simple. Most municipalities block out the various portions of land in their jurisdictions and classify them each for a specific purpose, then determine what uses are permissible and impermissible for the various purposes.

  • Retail business
  • Residential
  • Agricultural
  • Rural
  • Historic
  • Combination

I have a thorough understanding of the allowed uses and limitations in the various zoning districts, and I help my clients make sure, before they purchase a piece of land, that they can do on that land what they intend to do for their personal lives or their businesses. In some cases, I can work with municipalities to obtain variances and special permits or help clients find other alternatives for their real estate needs.

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