Municipal Permitting

New Bedford Municipal Law Attorney

A Costly Opportunity to Miss
If you are planning any kind of endeavor requiring permit-required land or building use — where it is a business or personal endeavor — the costs of not obtaining the necessary permits can be tremendously costly. It is essential to work with a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge of municipal law to help you obtain the permits you need to further your interests.

“For many businesses, the legal right to use their land in a certain way is critical to their long-term success. You can handle the permitting matters on your own and hope everything works out, or you can hire me and make sure it works out.” Christopher T. Saunders, New Bedford municipal law attorney.

I help Massachusetts businesses and individuals:

  • Obtain building permits and municipal licenses
  • Obtain variances and special permits
  • Oppose the issuance of special permits and variances
  • Obtain site plan review
  • Commercial Municipal Permitting

I represent local businesses that need permits to operate their businesses in their desired locations. Permits are required to operate a number of different businesses like liquor stores, restaurants, retail stores and a number of other businesses. The state, federal and agency regulations governing permitting requirements are nothing short of labyrinthine.

I help my clients know what permits are required, complete and file the requisite documents in a timely manner, and appear for my clients before the appropriate agency to help them obtain the approvals they need to run their businesses.

A great deal of my legal work has me interacting with various departments and boards from local cities and towns regarding municipal law and permitting interests. I work with the town and city officials in the local Massachusetts cities and towns to help make favorable decisions that will benefit my clients.

Residential Permitting

I represent individuals dealing with residential permitting issues. A common situation that I handle involves the homeowners who want to build an addition or make structural changes to their personal residences or investment properties. I help my clients deal with setback requirements, lot size limitations and other municipal impediments to making the residential changes to their property that will enhance their lives. I also help my residential clients obtain municipal permits and approvals for their home businesses when needed.

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