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Representing Massachusetts Businesses

The importance of quality legal representation for businesses cannot be overestimated. In my experience as a New Bedford business law attorney, I find that representing a business is most effective when seen as a long-term working relationship. As I continue to work with a business over a number of years, I become more in-tuned with the businesses’ goals and operating objectives, and I become a trusted adviser helping the business avoid legal pitfalls and maximize its potential.
I represent corporations, hospitals, privately held startup companies and other businesses in a range of legal matters.

Business Startup

I represent clients who are interested in starting their own businesses. This is not the simple process that it was many years ago. There is a tremendous amount of complex filings and transactions that need to take place before opening for business.
I am familiar with the steps involved and the possible pitfalls that you could face in starting your business, and I can walk you through the entire process:

Entity selection — LLCs, C-corps, S-corps and other entity choices to maximize your tax benefits, limit tax liabilities and put you in the best position to reach your business objectives Articles of incorporation and operating agreements — the founding documents that will determine your operating structures and outline your objective
Employee agreements, handbooks and contracts — the initial contracts that will establish your legal relationships with your employees and outside associations

“Too many people start businesses without laying out the groundwork adequately. Then they find themselves ill-prepared for the unforeseen conflict or lawsuit, and it is devastating to their long-term success. I make sure my clients understand the territory that they are entering, to help them avoid the pitfalls that sink so many otherwise thriving businesses.” | Attorney Christopher T. Saunders, Saunders & Saunders, LLP

Business Real Estate

Business and real estate representation are integrally linked for the vast majority of businesses, even businesses working online without a traditional “brick-and-mortar” presence. I help clients with the real estate components of their businesses, including:

Negotiating purchase and sales agreements and leases: No buyer and seller in a real estate transaction comes to the negotiating table with the same notion of what the final deal should look like. I have experience negotiating the myriad of clauses in real estate purchase and sales agreements, and I represent clients through the real estate closing to protect their interests throughout.

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